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ILP Kepala Batas Air Cooled Chiller Installation

135RT Water Cooled Hydrocarbon Chiller Installation Work

15HP Hydrocarbon Process Chiller- Air Cooled Type

Water Cooled HC Scroll Chiller 31RT to 97 RT, ESWC Series

WaterCooled HC Chiller

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Air Cooled HC Scroll Chiller 9RT to 90 RT ESAC Series

AirCooled HC Scroll Chiller

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EnerSave Air Cooled or EnerSave Water Cooled Hydrocarbon series designed using scroll hermetic compressor. System designs consist of several systems and every system operated by single scroll compressor. It further reduces the refrigerant gas charge amount and increases the feasibility of easy maintenance and servicing.
Scroll compressor – ZR type deploy to serve the main compression drive to ESAC Hydrocarbon Chiller, low noise level, high EER and high reliability and tested in many application. The electrical termination point is sealed by fire rating insulation. Series HC2 which is utilizing the HC-22a as direct replacement for HCFCR22, HFC407C and HFC410a

Scroll Comp Scroll Operating

Picture 2- Scroll Compressor        Picture 3- Operation flow of scroll compressor    

Chiller capacity control design is based on number of compressor and the control step from thermostat controller. Other safety gadget to protect the chiller system is flow rate sensor, pressure switch, anti-freeze sensor and HC leak detector.
HC leak detector can be linked to exhaust fan or other control circuit for refrigerant gas evacuation and indication.

HC Sensor

Picture 4 – Isobutene/ Propane refrigerant gas sensor

The design of this scroll chiller is dedicated to suit commercial and industrial need. the system charge has been reduce to 7.5kg of HC crefrigerant gas based on EN378 standard.


Mechanical Ventilation Fan design for this chiller is at 1,600cfm minimum for each chiller room.

Please label the chiller room with Flammability Sign and also on the chiller body.

Flame Sign

HC CHiller


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