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ESWC135S50SHC2 Operating Manualpdffile

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135RT Water Cooled Hydrocarbon Chiller Installation Work

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Teleflex Medical Sdn Bhd, Perak, Case Study.

Project details: to supply and install ENER-SAVE Water Cooled Hydrocarbon Scroll Chiller, Model: ESWC135S50SHC2

Occupancy Classification: C (Industrial)

Location Classification: in special machinery room, with forced ventilation system and only authorised personnel is allowed to access

Refrigerant Type/ Refrigerant Charge per sealed system: Ener-Save R290/ 6.2kg (5 sets x 30HP Compressors)

Ventilation system based on MS2678:2017 formula[2]

V = 0.004 x m / LFL


V is the sir flow rate in cubic metres per second (m3/s)

m is the mass of refrigerant charge, in kilograms (kg), in the refrigerating system with largest charge, any part of which is located in the machinery room

LFL is the lower flammability limit of refrigerant.


V = 0.004 x 6.2 / 0.038 m3/s = 0.653m3/s

135RT HC Scool Chiller

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